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Play paintball at Noordhoek 54 Sea Cottage Drive


Sneaking through the bush. All’s quiet, “Where is everyone?” A twig snaps to your right. You sink slowly to the ground scanning the bush. Nothing but your heart beating, sweat trickling down your spine, eyes and ears straining to pinpoint movement or sound. Bang, zzzzziip. A paintball whips past your shoulder. Dive, roll onto your knees, another paintball splatters against the tree next to your head. Duck!! Laughter to your left. Spin, movement, shoot. Splat!! “Ouch” and your opponent is out of the game. Relief and adrenalin pump through your body as you realise that you have survived your first contact in an Action Paintball Game. 


We now run Lasertag for ages 6 and up!

R170.00 per player – minimum of 12 players

R250.00 Per player for two(2) and a half hour military combat simulation Laster tag bootcamp for kids. Adjusted to all levels. Fitness team building, water pistols and a longer laster tag game modes for adults and kids to both have a challenge and some fun.

Wynberg Park 7 days a week

Lasertag has both the mental and physical thrill of taking on the ‘enemy’ in a safe, exciting and environmentally friendly way which can be played at most outdoor as well as indoor venues.



How safe is paintball?

For those who are not so sure about playing the game please be advised that American insurance statistics indicate that paintball players only sustain 0.31 injuries per thousand players whilst golf has 1.13, swimming 1.30 and fishing 1.37. I am pleased to say that after twenty years and thousands of players later our safety factor is good. The injuries sustained to date have been a couple of sprained ankles and two broken collar bones due to Rambo “wannabees” not looking where they were going and rugby-tackling trees. The trees normally win.

Isn’t it painful?

Not usually, but it can be. A lot depends on what you are wearing, how close you are to the opposition player and the level of safety equipment and standards in operation. The paintball can sting. This normally occurs in the third or fourth game when players have been hit once or twice and find that the impact is not as serious as they thought it would be. They then start to take chances, get over exited and disobey safety rules concerning close range contact. Worst case impact is much like being whacked by a squash ball and occurs on average to one in every thirty participants, mainly amongst student groups.

What is the minimum age to play paintball?

Players must be aged 11 (or turning 11 in the current year), or older to play paintball and it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to be honest about the age of the person concerned. The child may play as long as we have the indemnity form signed. No form = No play.

How fit do i have to be?

Whilst it is beneficial to be fit, it is not a prerequisite as the game allows individuals of lesser athletic abilities to participate by applying stealth and strategic thought. Players from all age groups and gender participate equally and successfully. We have even had participants on the field in wheel chairs.

Can we use our own paintballs?

Unfortunately not. You may only use paintballs that are provided by Action Paintball Area51 on the day of your event. This will ensure that you are using good quality paintballs that are bio-degradeable and that will wash out of clothing at the end of the day.