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How safe is paintball?

For those who are not so sure about playing the game please be advised that American insurance statistics indicate that paintball players only sustain 0.31 injuries per thousand players whilst golf has 1.13, swimming 1.30 and fishing 1.37. I am pleased to say that after twenty years and thousands of players later our safety factor is good. The injuries sustained to date have been a couple of sprained ankles and two broken collar bones due to Rambo “wannabees” not looking where they were going and rugby-tackling trees. The trees normally win.

Isn’t it painful?

Not usually, but it can be. A lot depends on what you are wearing, how close you are to the opposition player and the level of safety equipment and standards in operation. The paintball can sting. This normally occurs in the third or fourth game when players have been hit once or twice and find that the impact is not as serious as they thought it would be. They then start to take chances, get over exited and disobey safety rules concerning close range contact. Worst case impact is much like being whacked by a squash ball and occurs on average to one in every thirty participants, mainly amongst student groups.

What about being hit in the face or eyes?

Being hit in the face or eyes is a non-event as long as the face and eye protection supplied by the field operator is worn correctly at all times whilst on the playing field and all of the safety rules are adhered to.

What is the minimum age to play paintball?

Players must be aged 11 (or turning 11 in the current year), or older to play paintball and it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to be honest about the age of the person concerned. The child may play as long as we have the indemnity form signed. No form = No play.

Is there an age limit to play paintball?

There is no maximum age limit to play as long as the individual concerned is in good health.

How fit do I have to be ?

Whilst it is beneficial to be fit, it is not a prerequisite as the game allows individuals of lesser athletic abilities to participate by applying stealth and strategic thought. Players from all age groups and gender participate equally and successfully. We have even had participants on the field in wheel chairs.

How many paintballs do we need?

Players may use between 200 to 400 paintballs, or more, per session depending on how they decide to use their paintballs. This varies from player to player. It is a good idea for parents to set a limit on children’s party groups. Most party groups set a limit of 200 paintballs per child. Please ensure that children know what their limit is and that they should use their paintballs wisely.

Can we use our own paintballs?

Unfortunately not. You may only use paintballs that are provided by Action Paintball Area51 on the day of your event. This will ensure that you are using good quality paintballs that are bio-degradeable and that will wash out of clothing at the end of the day.

Does the paint wash out ?

Yes. The paint will wash out. The paintballs are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly to everything except those players that happen to get in their way.

What must I wear?

Players can make contact at close range and we therefore advise players to wear long pants, T-shirt and a dark coloured long sleeved top/tracksuit top. Good, comfortable footwear is important as you will be covering uneven terrain. Please leave your high heels,crocs and sandals at home! A cap is also useful to protect the top of your head and to prevent an untimely hair colour change. We provide colour-coded team scarves to cover the neck area and act as a sweat band and throat protector.

Is alcohol permitted at the paintball field?

The consumption of alcohol during the day at the field is strictly forbidden. We understand that some of you may be celebrating on the day, but ask that you wait until you have handed your equipment back in at the end of your paintball session before beginning your party. If you are found consuming alcohol on site during the games, you will be asked to leave the field.

May I leave the paintball session early?

We do not hold you captive at the field for your game, but please ensure that the Range Manager on duty is aware that you or your group will be leaving early. Please discuss this with the Range Manager when you arrive at the field.

How many players in a paintball team?

During COVID19, each field will be run as a private field for your group with a minimum of 10 players. Usually we are able to run anywhere between 5 a side to 35 a side. We can field 70 players pers session across three seperate private bush fields. Each group is split 50/50 into the two teams.

Do we still play if it’s raining?

Your paintball game will take place with intermittant light rain. In the event of stormy weather conditions on the day, the Range Manager will decide if the game should go ahead or not and in need, consult with you to arrange an alternate date for your game.

What happens if we are late to arrive at our paintball session?

You will need to arrive on site promptly at the start time for the session. Once on site a safety briefing takes place which you must attend. Should you arrive late, you will need to wait for the Range Manager and Marshals to get the players that arrived on time kitted up and out on the playing field. Once they have started the first game with those players, they will then be able to start the safety briefing for your group and hand out your equipment. You will then be able to join in the games at the next break or start on your own field, depending on the amount and age of the players on the day.

What happens if some of the players that I have paid for don’t arrive for the game?

If players do not turn up on the day for the game, the range fee portion of the payment will be lost. The 100 paintballs paid for will be split amongst your group on your request. If we receive cancellation for a player or group by theThursday before the weekend when the game takes place, we will be able to refund the amount to you.

Do I need to pay a deposit or can I just pitch up on the day?

We play with prepaid bookings only and guarantee that we will have equipment and staff available for your ‘paid’ group. Should you want to pitch up at the field on the day without payment, we do not guarantee that there will be equipment there for you. Any spare equipment will be handed out on a first come, first served basis. Please pay for your group to avoid disappointment!

Are you open 7 days a week ?

Paintball games are played during the week and on weekends with most games being run on the weekends. If you would like to play during the week, a minimum of 10 players is required to book the field. Please contact the office to arrange your booking – 082 388 7148.

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