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Indemnity and Parent’s Consent 

Indemnity and Parent’s Consent Form for Action Pursuit Group
Paintball Games – Age 11 or turning 11 in the current year
Lasertag – Age 6 or turning 6 in the current year
Contact – Nathan Pick on 082 388 7148

Whilst Action Pursuit Group (APG) staff are on site to manage the activities, the terrain wherein the games are played on makes it impossible for the staff to be in sight of or close to all players at all times.

Paintball and Lasertag are outdoor adventure games played on properties consisting of broken terrain wherein sharp objects, natural or man-made may be encountered and players may occasionally be exposed to wildlife for example but not limited to baboons, bees, wasps, scorpions and snakes. Paintball and Lasertag are non-contact sports but as with many sports, disagreements may arise between players and or by-standers which may lead to physical contact. By booking with APG and or completing this indemnity form and or placing yourself and your guests at an APG managed venue and or participating in any APG managed activity you acknowledge such specified or unspecified risks exist and agree to face such risks at own risk and hereby indemnity the land owner and any sub-contracted activity managers from any and all claims arising from loss, injury or damage to yourself, your guests and or your or their property that may arise from your own or your guests presence at an APG venue or participation in an APG managed activity.

NB – If any of the fields are missing or are empty, then this indemnity is considered to be invalid.

By entering your name in the signature field, you agree and accept the terms and conditions of this indemnity form.

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